Juli Pharmacy remain a national leader in retail pharmacy, touching lives every day through
dispensing and distributing medicines, via retail locations and digital platforms. The company has
over 50 years of trusted healthcare heritage and innovation in community pharmacy.
Juli Pharmacy is one of the largest purchasers of prescription drugs and many other health and
wellbeing products. The company's size, scale and expertise has helped in positioning for expansion
in the supply chain of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria.

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Our Vision

To make our customer’s health and wellness, our priority.

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Our Mission

To cater for our client's health needs through provision of genuine medicines at affordable price
amid high quality of services.

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Pharmacy Services

Pain Management

Pain management
I. Back pain
II. Headaches and migraines
III. Joint pain and arthritis
IV. Pain relief
V. Sinus pain
VI. Toothache

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I. Repeat prescriptions
II. Prescription costs
III. Prescription delivery
IV. Refill prescriptions
V. Emergency prescriptions
VI. Private prescriptions

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Sexual Health

I. Contraception
II. Emergency contraception
III. Men's health
IV. Pregnancy
V. Sexually transmitted infections

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Heart health

Heart health
Blood pressure testing
Cholesterol check-up
Health check
Medicated weight loss
Medication support
New medicine follow-up
Medicines check-up
Discharge medication review
Morning after pill
Smoking cessation
Travel medicines
Type 2 diabetes test

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Health & Advice

Cold & flu
I. Colds
II. Flu
III. Pneumonia
 Coronavirus
I. Health & wellbeing
II. Service information
III. Staying safe
IV. Travel advice,
Diabetes Diabetes lifestyle advice
II. Managing your diabetes
III. Reducing your risk
IV. Type 1 diabetes
V. Type 2 diabetes

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Vitamins & supplements

II. CoQ10
III. Multivitamins
IV. Hair, Skin, and Nail Care
V. Omega 3
VI. Vitamin A
VII. Vitamin B
VIII. Vitamin C
IX. Vitamin D
X. Vitamin E

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Skin Conditions

I. Acne
II. Psoriasis
III. Dermatitis
IV. Eczema
V. Cold sores
VI. Advice from our brands

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Travel essentials
II. Malaria advice
III. Travel sickness

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Hair care

II. Hair loss in women
III. Male hair loss
IV. Scalp psoriasis

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Weight management

Weight loss
II. Weight gain
III. Fitness and exercise
IV. Whey Protein

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Women's health

II. Menstrual cycle
III. Cervical screenings
IV. Menopause
V. Contraception
VI. Vaginitis
VII. Cystitis

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Ask us anything

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Our future plans

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There is a lot more we want to do to change the way pharmacy works in Nigeria. In time, we hope
that we can offer you the flexibility to switch between delivery and collection from month to month
and be able to manage your family's prescriptions from one single account.